Tuesday, July 7, 2009


PLEASE NOTE: To prevent your bid from being rejected, please be sure to put in the information as requested below. Failure to do so will result in your bid being rejected (deleted) and we'll need to move back to the person who bid before you.


1. Find the item/s you’d like to bid on and Click on that item’s Comments link – found at the end of the description. See screen shot below.

Review the bids already placed. The last comment in the listing (if there are any) should be the highest bid. Please review the entire Comments section to ensure you are placing the highest bid.

3. Place your bid by entering the following information in the comment box that appears (see screen shot below):
• Your first & last name
• Valid e-mail address (this will be seen by others!)
• Amount of your bid (in US dollars)

Scroll down and comment as “Anonymous.” This is necessary or else your bid will not be submitted and click “Post comment”.

5. You will be asked to enter a “Word Verification” phrase. Type in what you see and click “Finish.”

6. Check the comments
section to make sure that your bid has posted AND to make sure that your bid is still the highest!

Check back often as you may be outbid. We will NOT be contacting people when they have been outbid. It is your responsibility to check back to see if you’re still the highest bidder on the item.

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